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Defining My Core Strengths

From If you are an investment, what sort of return can the employer expect? Let's save this for later.

WiFi 6 Demo

"Here's the old school, 802.11ac" Amazing, how in 2013, that was the newest thing Apple had installed on the Macbook Air version for the year. Interested (& wary, as always) of the wireless statistics from users available on the new APs. 

Shadow Text & The Gradient Wave(Javascript 30 Redo)

The original project has a plain white background, one emoji, and one word of text. I added a gradient background. Psst. I have that.

Clock Un-Stoppers (JavaScript 30 Redo)

Earlier this year, I did the JavaScript30 course by Wes Bos. I decided to try it again despite completing it (mostly) because it was fun. Day 2 stumped me with the clock. I had revisited it in my nightmares and in the physical realm, still mystified as to why my hands weren't moving. Tonight, I started with this one straight on, with 90% success. New GitHub -> Here . Why does it work now? Here's a sample of both codes;

A User's Guide to Working With Morgan Lucas

UPDATED: 1/3/2020 Happy Friday! Eurovision 2019 finals are tomorrow! I came across a handy template from  this  Muse article - How do your employees view gratitude and appreciation at work? Let's fill it out! For me, I mean. You can fill out yours. Why are you writing this user guide? What do you hope will be the result of writing and sharing it? To better understand what I like, and what environment I can fit best into. Preferably an enviroment like thus: The greatest job ad I ever read basically said "this is our workplace, we have lives outside of it, everyone here is nice but we're not into forced parties & office softball teams, if you want to just go home at the end of the day, cool, so do we." — dr. kittens not kids (@kittensnotkids) January 2, 2020 Basically: I'm here to do a job and be reasonably polite. Not best friends, not spend time after work with you. That's why I favor remote work. I am not concerned about missing