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Defining My Core Strengths


If you are an investment, what sort of return can the employer expect?

Let's save this for later.

What job scenarios made you feel really good about the work you've done?

Whenever I'm not sure about pricing for something, be it a phone or a piece of sports memorabilia; I overestimate it purposefully.

When you double check later and it's lower, the customer will be surprised and delighted. It shows thinking on your feet and working on making the end user or customer pleased.

What kind of targets have been relatively easy for you to achieve or exceed?

Fix/Repair in a school environment; Around 15 - 20 instances a week.

What kind of work results have consistently popped up throughout your career? What helped you achieve those?

Things that almost work, but not quite UNTIL I talk to someone else and get another perspective on the situation; It shows teamwork and a willingness to learn.

Were you recognized by your peers and colleagues for any specific qualities or achievements? 

My focus was more on my work. I didn't socialize that much. I'm working on helping others and making myself known.

Have you ever been handpicked for a specific project or task? If so, why you?

Yes; We needed forms to be made, and wasn't sure if said forms could be made in Microsoft Word.

Head of IT appointed me to the job because I was the most reliable and would do the research to get it done.

After researching, I saw that yes, you can actually make forms in Microsoft Word to be printed out.

The result was a paper survey that looked professional.

Back to #1...

If you are an investment, what sort of return can the employer expect?

Me doing the job you hired me for. If I'm hired by you, and I choose you, I like your company. Within reason, I will go above and beyond because of brand loyalty, capability, and building stronger networks with others.

EMPLOYERS: This is me showing self-awareness.


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