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Portfolio of UX/Product Feedback [Vol. 1]

I browse websites and apps, while making note of things I find frustrating for end users.

You have probably been linked here from a form or my resume.
If you have any questions about what I'm looking for in a role, click here.
This post is not to shame, but to point out errors and hopefully make my talent for finding and documenting such mistakes clear to someone hiring.

  • Instances where I offer constructive feedback on someone's website, logo, or app.
  • Actions that were taken by the developers or artists.
 I'm glad you want your webpages to be the best they can be with my help; If you need your sites audited, e-mail me.

Latest Update -  November 20th, 2020.
Vol. 2 is here.

Changing user Icon in Youtube App on iOS Stops Application

When you change the icon and go to the cropping stage, you can neither save nor cancel.

Action Taken:


 LinkedIn Recommendations Do Not Post

You would hit "Accept recommendation", and an error would appear. See post here.

Action Taken:
Post made
Ticket filed - Engineers acknowledged it was an issue and worked quickly to correct it.
Issue fixed.

Embedded video does not play unless Adblock (uBlock) is disabled on

Error code in console:
 {TypeError: window.TrackYoutubeVideos is undefined}
Action Taken: E-Mailed Support, issue fixed ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

 Website Prototype Testing for Confidential Client

Gave feedback on style, intuitiveness. 

Action Taken: Confidential. 

 Ocean's Halo Shopify checkout page does not have a PayPal option


 I was curious about this, someone mentioned it on Twitter, so I checked (Also, 2 bottles of their no-soy seaweed sauce for 9$? Nice. This is not promo. I like their sauces and noodles. The noodles are fairly inexpensive at Walmart, check them out.), and was surprised to see this.

Action Taken: E-Mailed Support and let them know, received a reply of implementation in the pipeline.

New Windows Terminal Program Immediately Opens JSON Error when Settings are selected.

(There is an attached video in the Tweet thread)

 A very helpful MS employee replied and told me the steps to take (changing the default open option for JSON files from Chrome to a code editor).

Variety 500 page has broken images.


 Images (movie posters, actors, producers) are broken.

Suggestion to better use the white space beneath the bio by making an image carousel of the filmography.

Stash Life Insurance checker throws error.

It just says "Error". Not the most wordy or specific. 

In addition to the tweet, I have contacted support.
Actions Taken By Company: Support responded, sent more information, Developers notified.

Tableau Learning Videos do not recognize logged-in account

Context: Like many sites, in order to learn, you have to give up that sweet, sweet personal information. What happens when you do and you still can't reach the content  - You're directed to a 404 page when you try to rectify it?

In addition to the above tweet, I've also contacted support.
Actions Taken By Company: TBD

Angellist Company on Profile

Context: Must select from a pre-set list of employers. Cannot type in if you are an individual with their own business looking for work. Tweeted to them.

Actions Taken By Company: TBD

Panera Bread and Paypal 


Trying to order and pay through Paypal. Going to Paypal and returning to the Panera screen does not transfer payment information.

Actions Taken By Company:
Quick response by social media team. 
Issue rectified as of September 25th, 2020

Sephora's Disorganized Locations List


Actions Taken By Company: None.

Podcast UX Study for Major Streaming Service


Temporary arrangement with big audio streaming platform to study listening habits. Took detailed notes over a 10-day period. Blog post here.

More info can be sent to reputable hiring managers.

urspace Portfolio for Designers and Developers

The Feedback:

  • Addition of Associate of Science degrees.
  • Personal website link field needed.
  • Some kind of blogging feature

Actions Taken By Company:
  • A.S Degree option added.
  • On-site blogging feature

Crucial (Website) Form Selection

The Feedback:

  • White upon white text in a search field.

Link to Twitter thread

Actions Taken By Company:

  • Modified to black text on a white background

Jamaica Festival 2020 Logo Feedback

The Feedback:
  • The 'Jamaica' is fine.
  • Festival needs a slimmer, more modern font.
  • As does the 2020
I made a mock-up of a more modern logo;

Actions Taken By Company:


Microsoft's Troubleshooting Account Login Tool

The Feedback:
  • Asking for clarification of unclear language and wording.

Action Taken By Company: None

Target's Faulty App Login

The Feedback:

  • App login is faulty.
  • Error codes screenshot when necessary.

LINK to Twitter Thread
Action Taken By Company: Fixed.

ResumeGenius Editing

The Feedback:

  • Cannot edit job title.
  • No portfolio link options.
  • No input validation.
  • No LinkedIn link options.

LINK to Twitter Thread

Action Taken By Company: TBD

A Starting Point Website

LINK to Twitter Thread.
The Feedback
  • Redundant tag system
  • The 'All' page of continuously updating 'starting point' topics is chronological, from most to least recent. It's one entry per line. It really should be a grid.
Action Taken By Company: TBD.


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