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Portfolio of UX/User Experience Feedback { Updated: July 13th }

This is a living document!

You have probably been linked here from a form or my resume.
If you have any questions about what I'm looking for in a role, click here.


  • Instances where I offer constructive feedback on someone's website, logo, or app.
  • Actions that were taken by the developers or artists.

Latest Update -  July 13th, 2020.

urspace Portfolio for Designers and Developers

The Feedback:

  • Addition of Associate of Science degrees.
  • Personal website link field needed.
  • Some kind of blogging feature

Actions Taken By Company:
  • A.S Degree option added.
  • On-site blogging feature

Crucial (Website) Form Selection

The Feedback:

  • White upon white text in a search field.

Link to Twitter thread

Actions Taken By Company:

  • Modified to black text on a white background

Jamaica Festival 2020 Logo Feedback

The Feedback:
  • The 'Jamaica' is fine.
  • Festival needs a slimmer, more modern font.
  • As does the 2020
I made a mock-up of a more modern logo;

Actions Taken By Company:


Microsoft's Troubleshooting Account Login Tool
The Feedback:
  • Asking for clarification of unclear language and wording.

Action Taken By Company: None

Target's Faulty App Login

The Feedback:

  • App login is faulty.
  • Error codes screenshot when necessary.

LINK to Twitter Thread
Action Taken By Company: Fixed.

ResumeGenius Editing

The Feedback:

  • Cannot edit job title.
  • No portfolio link options.
  • No input validation.
  • No LinkedIn link options.

LINK to Twitter Thread

Action Taken By Company: TBD


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