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Portfolio of UX/Product Feedback ✨[Vol. 2]

Most People Give Up

See an error on a page? They leave the page. 
They don't click through.
They don't buy.
You don't get a customer. 

I go deeper.
I let you know.
I show you videos.
I look at console logs.

Your engineers are busy.
They're working on the back-end.
They're working with browsers without the most popular add-ons of the day.

I give the real user experience so you can get the real value.

I browse websites and apps while making note of things I find frustrating for end users.

 The other post was getting too long, so I will cap out each entry at maybe 15-20 mistakes, to keep your attention.

  • Instances where I offer constructive feedback on someone's website, logo, or app.
  • Actions that were taken by the developers or artists.
 I'm glad you want your webpages to be the best they can be with my help; If you need your sites audited, e-mail me.

Updated; June 24th, 2021. Most recent entries will be at the top.

 LinkedIn Course Errors Out on One Video

 Perhaps the file path is wrong?



 LinkedIn Post Creation Does Not Automatically Reset After Posting in a Community


 This is more of an annoyance; If you're familiar with the layout of the site, when you make a post. you can click where to send it. I posted something to a private community. It does not 'reset' back to the default of 'On your page, globally' after you do this.

Something to consider changing, because who posts that much in a LI group where that setting needs to stick?


 Demo creations in Canva lead to 404 pages.


 eBay's iOS app is missing a 'No Item Found' screen.



 You can scan barcodes with the app for easy listing creating. If the barcode isn't found, it should throw up an 'Item Not Found' screen. Instead, it takes me back to my search page with no alert.

 Accenture's Website Does Not Acknowledge Matching Passwords in Account Creation.



Woebot Reset Password Link Expires Before Time Limit
TryLolli's Firefox App Causes Problems With the Browser

Issues include:

Stalled browser upon waking
Randomly stalled page loads and new tabs when in use.


Twitter Profile Picture Cropping and Zoom Preview Inoperable




CHANI Astrology Web App for Natal Chart

 Situation: Let's see my natal chart. 
Task: I have to put in the right numbers about the time and day of my birth. While the hour selection box uses the 24 hour clock, it gives an error when you pick an hour over 12.
Action: Alerted company with above explanation.

Result: Response received.


 Loom Check Boxes Open Video Page

Situation: After recording a video with Loom, I needed to delete a few.
The expectation is 'click a check box so you can do an action of multiple videos at once'. Sometimes it follows this conventional wisdom. 
Task: The click area reads it as an invitation to open the page instead of check the box.
Action: Video recorded and shared with Loom
Result: Pending


Dice E-Mail "Interested" has "Not Interested" page title.

Situation: This seems like a potentially interesting job. Let's click check.
Task: Click the affirmative button.
Action: It accepts my feedback, but doesn't send me to the job listing.
Result: Company alerted, no response.
Minor, but slightly confusing. Also prevented me from going to the page with the job listing.

Paypal Currency Conversion Does Not Work from Feb 11th - 


 Situation: I receive payment in British Pounds from a research contracting company. I am paid through Paypal and have to convert it to USD. 
Task: The usual steps to convert currency gave an nondescript error.
Action: Confirmed with others on Twitter about the error. Alerted Paypal.

See here for updates. No official announcement, just continuous platitudes from customer service. Feb 24th, it did work for a moment, and then not again. As of Feb. 25th, it seems to work again.

 Articles on Bing New Tab Page Doesn't Link to The Article

Situation: Using Bing's new tab feature, there will often be an article formatted differently than others in the scrolling bar at the bottom of the page.
Task: Click to read
Action: It takes me to a list of articles, not the single one in question
Result: Company contacted, no response.
Is it a bug or purposeful? I do know that it is annoying if you want to read the article in question, as it doesn't appear on the page of news articles it links to.
(TW: Article is sensitive content)


Basket Does Not Visually Update on Redbubble When You Add Things

Situation: Let's go shopping for fan-made merchandise about my newest enthusiasm on Redbubble. Yay stickers!
Task: Put things in basket!
Action: The thing doesn't visually update in the basket pane that pops up on the right, but it is in there on the checkout page.
Result: Company contacted, response received.
 It takes a moment to trigger the quirk, as there is a popup in the lower right that will update the basket, but when the actual right pane UI pops up, it doesn't show the newly added item.


Audio Testing Does not Work on 

 This is probably a Chrome-exclusive issue. I don't use Chrome normally, so my extensions are off. While the instructions do say that audio testing is available, with both Galaxy Buds and internal microphone (Also screaming into said mics), the visual does not seem to reflect sound. No word on if it even hears me.

Other testing, such as Zoom, works (Somewhat). Company has been alerted.


Research Platform instructions do not show.



Situation: Let's participate in a side hustle.

Task: When you click a task on the left, more details appear in the right pane under normal circumstances. 

Action: Today, it doesn't.

Result: Company alerted, issue fixed.

Spotify application acts like mobile App.


Situation: Let's jam!

Task: Play the song of my choice.

Action: On the mobile app, if you select a song without having Premium, it will play a random one.

On the desktop app, it should play the song straight out. When you click it, it plays (in practice).

It currently plays a random song when I am on an unsaved album, and plays a random song in my library on a random basis.

This seems to be a problem when I cast to my Alexa device, which can only be cast to via the Spotify mobile app.

Result: It has been reported with video and fixed.


BBB Twitter Link uses current page instead of a link to a Twitter account.

Situation: Using the BBB website.
Task: Look around

Action:  Tried it on several pages for several companies. The url is always based upon the content of the page above, and not '[handle]

Result: Company alerted.


User Testing for Video Conferencing Software.

Situation: "Hey, I'm trying something out. Come visit and test it online."

Task: Use the SaaS through the browser. Let me know what's wrong, what could be improved.

Action: Pointed out usability issues, pushed for clarity on certain items.

Result: Notes taken by researcher.


404 Errors on ShopDisney When Submitting Review


 Situation: E-mail received to review a recent purchase.
Task: Visits page of item, finds that reviews do not go through.

Action: Review page errors out, console long shows it's a 404 Error referring to a source map.

Result: E-mailed company.


 Faulty Chatbot Logic

Situation: Someone in my network asked for people to take a look at their website.
Task: Testing a chatbot.
Action: A chatbot on a website did not acknowledge the typical @ in front of a Twitter handle, and would loop to the next pre-set response.
Result: Website administrator has put in the appropriate logic.




BambooHR Unsubscribe input box does a little dance.

When you decide to cut ties with an email list, do you want to do so cleanly, or get caught in a two-step routine?



Dscout App Update goes to App in alphabetical order, not actual Play Store.

Situation: "This app has a new update! Please click here to go to the Play Store and update it."

Task: Update app

Action:  When you update the app, it's supposed to go to the Play Store.

On my phone, I have another app - Play Affirmations - and it goes to that app instead, probably from some programming language insisting on alphabetical order instead of the intended application.


Company has been e-mailed, issue Fixed


Glassdoor In General

 Interview Submission Glitches

"Key not found: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource."

Then the page refreshed after a few seconds and gave the confirmation screen for submitting an interview review. I am using Firefox, with Windows 10.
Company Response: It's a glitch. Some submissions will still go through.

Profile Does Not Update, pdf Resume is Missing Characters

Pluses (+) are removed in resume (A+, Security+ turns into A, Security)
Profile does not update changed location.

Email sent.



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