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What Do You Need? [AKA; List of Offered Services / My Next Role] (2020)

I am a trusted outsourced remote consultant for your company.
I enjoy having the flexibility to take on temporary projects from time to time! I start at part-time, temp work for now. If we like each other, we can renegotiate. If anything sounds weird, out there, or unusual - Feel free to e-mail me

3 Services Offered


    You want to pay me to write more of *waves hand* this blog? I am game.
    I write B2C e-mails going out to over 280 people weekly. [Example Job Description]  


Something doesn't work on your page or in your app. I can find it, or you can lose business. [Here] [Example Job Description]
I really enjoy testing apps and webpage concepts! I have an iPhone and Android phones ready.


Still as-needed, always remote, contract, or temporary.

IT Operations Tech [Example Job Description]
    Hardware and SaaS support.
    Cisco routing and switching (Networking). CCNA, A+, Sec+, Azure certified
WORKING ON: Junos Networking

Cloud Technician
    Azure [See tag]

 Support [Web: Example Job Description] [Text: Example Description]
    I help you with adjustments in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
    When you email a business a question and they answer? That's me.

Pick My Brain about any of the above -  25$, 30 Minute Conversation.



Remote is ideal.


I do not have a Security Clearance.

  • You preferably have under 1000 people worldwide.
    • Multimedia conglomerates are the exception.
  • Need some short term work for a startup? Sounds good.
    • Otherwise, start-ups are hit or miss.
  • Temporary contracts are the best.
    • Still remote.
No Governments.

  • I prefer to listen to others rather than talk myself. 
  • No managerial roles. 
  • Pro-Purposeful meetings.
  • People should have outside interests beyond work.
  • Not interested in a suit and tie culture.
  • Let me keep my camera off on Zoom meetings for at least 80% of the time.
  • A dedication (or growing dedication) to diversity and inclusion is a must.

I like processes, even if they have to be broken or bent. A creative, free-form conversation about implementing something new is fine. "We're just starting, we'll make up HR as we go." is not.

If you give me a general task to do and the freedom to do so, I'm fine.

  • E-mails over phone calls. It's easier to go back and reference the information.
  • I'll get on the phone, just temper your expectations for the first 5 minutes.
  • I give you the information you need to do your job, and I'll explain the finer points if need be.

With this blog, I like to think I'm pretty good at explaining!

Am I smiling over the phone? Not likely. Am I listening closely? Yes.

I work better with people who accept that I may have a few questions and don't try to brush me off.

As most of my career has been working solitary, I don't have that corporate America, endless meeting experience, and I am not interested in it.

  • Ed Tech - Tech that helps students learn, understand, or take their first steps into college or the working world.
  • Entertainment
  • New and Changing Industries -  I like being in that sweet spot, of "not in diapers, but not old enough to think remote work is the devil".
  • Fitness
  • Marketing / Advertising - It's a field that constantly entertains me with its creative evolution. Look how excited I was about this!


Most of my work has been solo or in very small groups; I don't have the typical 'office' experience. I don't know if I want it. I don't fancy getting dressed up every day to go into work.

It takes some time to get into the swing of things. I don't mind growing with new projects in an established company after a time. If I'm interested, I'll be asking a lot of questions to truly make sure this is right.

Aspects of my past jobs include A) being nearly alone or working with only one other person. I've enjoyed that because I can solve the problem how I see fit and ask for help when needed.

How to Describe Me To Your Hiring Manager:

A candidate who focuses on UX and website auditing, who has worked for major streaming companies and grants feedback for educational research.
A candidate who enjoys writing casual yet informative technical blog posts about 4 times a month.

A candidate with 6 years of IT Support for Level 1 and Level 2, focusing on Mac OS and Windows machines.

A candidate with a Microsoft Azure certification, making and maintaining small companies in Azure.

A candidate with 4 years in working with Cisco networks and self-education through blog posts on, I think this is a fit because of [object #1], [object #2], [object #3].


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