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Business Bonus: Netflix Livestream Turns Into A Learning Opportunity

 Good on Netflix for being more like cable television, from adding ads, to attempting to livestream in 2023. 

I am not familiar with Netflix's "Love Is Blind" show, but on 4/16, Netflix had intended to livestream a reunion at 8/7c, and it was hotly anticipated.

To their credit, they did it successfully earlier this year, after a comedian's stint at the Hippodrome Theater in March, where there was apparently a waiting room for viewers while technical checks were run.

When it did not start on time, tweets began to flow in confusion -- and jokes. Netflix tried to play along and soothe impatient fans:

Even (the last existing) Blockbuster took to the stage to fire shots:

Apparently, the internet at the venue had issues:


That's Vanessa Lachey.

The production ended up being aired an hour late, to the point where they just scrapped the 'live' aspect all together and will put it on the site soon.

 That's thinking on your feet and being flexible! I mean, who asked it to be live?

I'm sure internet connectivity was tested and retested at the venue, and it was something extremely disruptive to delay a company valued at almost 150$ Billion dollars (When it isn't taking massive losses on entertainment it refuses to promote). I am more curious about the source of the technicians onsite. Are they from a staffing agency, or is Netflix building out a field team for livestreams?

Anyone waiting probably moved on to watch Succession instead. People are angry, demanding refunds, but it's not as if the entire site was down, just one (albeit highly advertised) aspect that people were looking forward to.

You don't need a refund and Netflix as a whole doesn't need our pity.

Postmortem -- Reed Hastings basically boiled it down to "Several systems did not play nicely together that were not tested initially." A handful of last minute changes on the livestream site caused the issue.


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