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The Emoji Ideal; Apple's Memoji and Samsung Galaxy's AR Emoji

I'm here to compare; Because digital dollmakers are a hallmark of my past, present, and future.


Galaxy's AR emoji were a surprise to me, something I learned when placing images for contacts. I realized I saw one multiple times on a website someone was using for personal branding. Besides that, I'm not sure I've ever seen them in the wild.

Maybe because I can't figure out how to get to the app on my phone without going to my contacts section - and no one else can either.

Because of their simplicity of the smooth heads, emotions on Apple's people emoji - memoji - look better to me.


 It's not animated here, so it's not as over the top as the Samsung ones.


Samsung's have an oddly fake quality, which is good in its own way. It doesn't lead into uncanny valley - neither options do. It's a quirky, insincere robot puppet with limited animations. Reminds me of Second Life or IMVU.

They give you more options - I was able to adjust ear tips (Pointy!) and minute details on the face. 

Also, bodies! The most Apple gives is a torso, arms, and hands (disembodied or not) so you can shrug and peace sign.

Samsung's clothing options are very pointed toward the Gen Z crowd - Oversized, bright clothing, pants with legs but the crotches are at the knees.

Perhaps this is an attempt to get Gen Z to care about Samsung phones as a cheaper, but just as good alternative - 10 years ago, there was a pretty classist divide between iPhone users and Android users.

 There's also an option to buy more clothing, including some from major studios.

 Apple is not here to overwhelm with choices; Simplicity is always their motto, and they stick with it.

SG AR is very reminiscent of the dollmakers of old - Something Gen Z may not be familiar with enough for a sense of nostalgia.

If I want to edit the base of the Emoji, it's an ordeal. A lot of the menu buttons have unclear purposes until you click.


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