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About Me

I'm Morgan Lucas. If you searched "Lucas Network Solutions" and this came up, you are in the right place!

 Network Infrastructure graduate with my A+, Security+, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), and Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification.

Work: This blog is a portfolio of projects. Azure, Meraki wireless, Cisco L2/L3 networks, UX auditing.
Also includes professional interests that are not technical, such as writing, eCommerce merchandising, Hollywood number crunching, and photography.

  • Making changes for the better and improving processes.
  • Working with planners, hosts, creatives.
  • Contributing toward social good.
  • Supporting exciting industries that are always changing and growing. 
 A bit quiet, reserved, and hard to get to know well, but I don't mind if you try.

Here are more details on what  I'm looking forward to in a role.

Click here for posts under the projects tag.


  • Movies   📽 I'm interested in Cinema tech and look forward to CinemaCon every year.
  • Reading  📚
  • Video Games  🎮
  • Exercise 🏃🏿‍♀️
  • Cooking  ♨️
In the past year, I've set up ad hoc networks, done overnight stock work, and monitored/troubleshot tablets that were used to take specialized payments while interacting with customers in a slightly dry, matter-of-fact manner. I can work with specialized software and am constantly testing trials and open source software.

Logical, original, and creative thinker who is excited about theories and ideas, valuing knowledge and competence.

I also fix up your blank LinkedIn Business Pages...because empty pages look eerily suspicious.

I am an American citizen - So, please, no jobs that involve the government/military, thank you.

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Popular posts from this blog

Azure Networking Options - Core Cloud Services

I have done a lot of AWS things on here. Time to give Azure some attention. After all, since employers don't think Cisco or COMPTIA certifications are important, maybe Microsoft ones are?

First, let's really think about why these are the two biggest cloud services providers in the world:

They've been doing internet things for a long time.Amazon launched in 1995, a virtual bookstore.
Microsoft, well, you know. 

They've lived, breathed, and frankly, created, infrastructure that we use today, that they're selling to us today. Of course the Store of Everything and the Company of Everything would encourage us to put everything in their hands.

Also: Azure has a lot less silly names for modules. Important. I appreciate straightforwardness.

I said 'a lot less', not '100% sensible names'

Microsoft has a clear set of Azure Fundamentals that anyone can interact with. Let's talk about networking basics, basically to say, again, "Hi, employers, I have an …

The Updated "What I'm Looking For In A Role" Post (2020)

Thank you for wanting to help with my job search! Here are some parameters.

Part time remote, text based support. It's a little far fetched, but the positions do exist. I enjoy having the flexibility to take on temporary projects from time to time!
Also; If anything sounds weird, out there, or unusual - Feel free to e-mail me. Doesn't have to be tech related. I just have to possibly find it interesting, fun, and with the possibility to get up and stretch when I want to.

Feel free to suggest something full time (still remote) that can fit within the below criteria;


Informative writing about tech concepts and consumer electronics. You want to pay me to write more of *waves hand* this? I am game.
IT SupportUX Auditing [See Here][See example job description here] eCommerce merchandising [See Here]Azure
Cisco routing and switching technician

Find me on Jumpstart and CareerVillage.
Network Tech IT SupportTechnical Consulting

I'm not super i…

Grace Hopper Celebration 2019 (GHC19)

From Aicha Evans' speech at the Keynote.
September 6th - I receive an email from Anita B Organization, saying "We read your application, we like your website, and here's a free ticket to GHC 2019 in Orlando, Florida!"

After a few more questions, it seemed everything was on the up and up, and so I accepted - and that's what this post is about!

For those who don't know, Grace Hopper Celebration is the largest gathering of Women in Technology in the world.

On a personal note, This is the first trip I've taken without my parents. Sure, they've left me behind to go on vacations, but I've never left them. I was totally worried! But you know what happened?

I met a lot of cool people in Orlando, learned a lot of neat things, and had a blast just walking around airports for upwards of 8 hours.

New Delta Sky Club on Wikimedia I really, really love airports! And I survived.

I know in the past, I've wormed my way out of jobs despite being interested simpl…