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Working With Terraform Modules for AWS (Part 1)

 Terraform for AWS is somewhat clearer than Terraform for Azure - easier to grasp than YAML and it's finicky formatting. After pushing some DevOps Terraform (TF) configurations live to AWS, I wondered if I could push a static webpage. Situation - Why Would You Use This? To quickly spin up the front-end for a simple webpage that might take user input after attaching it to back end services that accept and hold the data.  What Other Options Are There? I've documented hosting static webpages through Azure before on here through various methods - The process is somewhat intensive and relies strongly on interconnected systems. GitHub to host the code Azure Webapps to take the code and display it Another option would be using Netlify,  but that works best for truly single-page apps like this . It looks like it has different pages to the untrained eye, but it's only one. Task - How Is It Done? Here, the simple webpage is hosted from a bucket. There's an index and error page. A

Recon and SSID - Mapping With VisiWave Site Survey

My laptop is refurbished. I've written about how there are a few ... quirks. Being a technology professional, I felt okay with adopting an older machine, knowing I had the skill to fix moderate issues. From dying drivers to monitor massacres, I've ID'd, solved, and documented a lot of issues.  The newest one was my Wi-Fi adapter dropping the connection to a specific extender. While troubleshooting, I was curious about doing recon of WiFi networks and broadcasting devices anyway. That issue? A power setting. It was so determined to save power, it would disconnect. The extender is also flirting with the older end of 6 years old.  The battery needs to be replaced, but that's new to me. As a Windows laptop, there are a plethora of options to pick. How do you decide which one is safest?  I am suddenly concerned about this despite having 3 unofficial, 15$ Macbook Air chargers from eBay, and no explosions. But let's move onto the Site Survey - Where can I find the stronges

Business Bonus: AWS Outage (12/7/2021)

  There was an AWS outage a few days ago; You were probably impacted in one way or another. If any of my appliances would ever e-mail me, I think I'd die of shock. Every thing from Disney+ to McDonalds was affected, as US-East-1 was US-East-None for a few hours. Even Amazon delivery drivers and warehouse workers couldn't complete their breakneck, no bathroom, tasks. My Alexa couldn't reach AWS. "Guess I better attach it to the new hotspot..." I thought, before moving on with my day and not doing that. Turns out, my hotspot wasn't the issue.

Case Study: The Offline/Online Laptop

  alt: Three panels of a dog with a toy. Panel 1: 'Pls release IP address'. Panel 2: 'No release', Panel 3: 'Only hold onto expired IP' It's not practical for home internet services to let end users distribute their own IP addresses to their devices. The option is there, but it's far easier to let people use DHCP - You get a pool of addresses for your devices, and the router does the work in distributing them. That way, your devices can talk to each other (Somewhat - in a L2 network, they don’t need IP addresses) and reach the internet! But what happens when one Windows 10 device is unused for months? The device is totally off. It holds onto an expired IP address - and then it can't get back on. That's what happened this week. After scanning with Wireshark, no DHCP packets were being sent at all. The laptop didn't want to connect to any home internet router, of which there were two - The main one and the extender. Flushing DHCP didn&#

Two Factor Authentication and AWS Cognito Identity Pools

There's always a video to watch. Things to learn, labs to try - and a thought hit - What service does AWS provide that allows users to log in with Two Factor Authentication (2FA)? A refresher; 2FA is a combination of what you know, who you are, what you have - and in the future, probably what you ate for breakfast - to log into sensitive systems.  As of 2021, Google made 2FA mandatory for logging in to your Google accounts For the DoD folks out there, that keycard you use to log into a computer is a form of 2FA.  A fingerprint scanner, or an authentication app on your phone also count. Back to the question - Does AWS have options for 2FA if you use their Directory options?

How to Secure Your Linux Webserver (done)

Article I don't remember which distro of Linux Webserver I used - My computer has Ubuntu, so my guess is that flavor. I'm working in datafile.txt - But not so fast! The initial edited datafile.txt file.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Update

The long-stagnant game has finally returned - And this time, it's actually finished.  Let's look at a little at what's arrived! Photog Fabulous The new camera features and filters are so fun. I love the eye-level view and being able to turn the camera on its axis. Which axis? You tell me. Fun fact; As I don't have Nintendo Online right now*, I sent these images to my smartphone via QR codes and a closed, ad-hoc network. Much easier than sending 4 at a time to my private Twitter and saving them. * ( Hint: Buy the Happy Home Paradise DLC before you buy the Nintendo Online Premium service; Then you have a copy to play with after your membership expires, as opposed to it being a 'feature' of the membership you can lose ) There are also neat new filters in the in-game camera: The first (surveillance) and third (retro) are definitely new.   Coffee Break Brewster is finally back! One of my favorite pastimes in New Leaf was running to the beach where I had placed The