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Project: Optimizing Wi-Fi For a Residence.

 A 5-year old house is not quite optimized for ideal wireless setup. Let's help them. *Not an accurate representation to maintain security. Issue: The Wi-Fi router from Verizon is in the back of the house. Around 70% of the house can receive the signal, but not the office in the very front. Equipment: Netgear router (not extender) Netgear extender. Home router from Verizon Cable boxes Other things that use Wi-Fi.

What To Do When You're Done With LinkedIn [2021 Version]

You use LinkedIn because it's the biggest 'job networking' site on the internet. If you want a site that accepts multifaceted, interesting people, don't look there, look elsewhere: Twitter ! Twitter has... Great blocking and muting tools, from words to people. Lists to organize and sort. The ability to log into multiple Twitter accounts at once. Newsletter options, for us verbose people. You may be thinking "Twitter? But it's so..." casual? Genuine? That's what makes it great. For people like me who grew up in a wilder internet and find LI's culture stuffy (and racist , oop), Twitter ... can be just as racist, but at least you can call it out without repercussion. 

Hey, Internet, Show Me the Dark Fibre

I am doing a Pluralsight course - Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks: WAN for Enterprise Networks - and it mentioned a little something called Dark Fibre. That's a new term for me, and maybe for you as well. Let's research it. Dark Fibre is a bit of unused optical fiber. One can make a private fiber network with this, as it sounds like the dedicated telephone lines that companies can buy to connect sites that are miles apart. It has great potential for capacity . There seem to be many unused fiber cables out there, buried underground, as telecom companies apparently bought too much.  They may not sit unused for long, however, as with increased internet demand these days, content creators are demanding it.

How to Mitigate Zoom Hijacking

While in a Zoom meeting for assisting students during a turbulent time, after about 20 minutes, it was quickly taken over by 'pranksters' with inappropriate images. There was a flurry of the event hosts trying to pull up the settings to remove the troublemakers. The meeting was quickly retooled to put everyone on mute for the next round. A lot of people have been quickly thrust into this world of web conferencing, and selected Zoom, a software that works, but with little to no security. There's certainly no end to end encryption.  Why is this serious? Because video streaming uses UDP packets, and an attacker doesn't need all of them to get the gist of the information being transferred. I don't want to see people scramble to reestablish professionalism, so I made a quick guide. I downloaded this spyware Zoom onto a test phone and laptop to set up a test meeting: Auphelia Degardess is the name of the phone, and the one with the visual of myself. Mirr

How People in Tech Have the Same Failings as Their Companies

You will often find that the biggest tech companies, who brag about their diversity and inclusion initiatives, often leave out one thing. Pretend you haven't read the title of this post, and guess what it is. eBay (Yes, I consider eBay a tech company). Disney Most of the jobs are clustered around only a handful of areas. Especially in the United States. There are few - if any - remote options listed. With the event of COVID-19, there are plenty of businesses scrambling to enter the 21st century with remote work. Figuring out how to adjust Active Directory to let users access files from home.  Setting up Zoom (With all its questionability ) meetings.  Using spyware and demanding employees have their webcams on at all times because they don't trust their staff, and are stuck in 1943. But I'm not here today to talk about companies and their Illusions of Inclusion. I'm here to talk about how people who pooh-pooh these companies hardly do better in makin

The 5G Future (TechRepublic PDF)

  "Artificial intelligence is coming— home assistants, smart homes, smart cities, all of those things are becoming real. We used to be talking about it in the past and now you’re seeing it day to day."  - Ana Tavares Lattibeaudiere Addendum: 5G is not causing Coronavirus. Here. Yep, gotta make an account to download it. It is fairly old, as it was published in 2018. So, to them, we're already living in the future of 5G, and it's a bit underwhelming. Isn't all new tech at first? It's been quite a while since we've written about our old friend, 5G technology for phones and other mobile devices.

11. Introduction to Machine Learning