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Server 2016: Oddly Miscellaneous Setup Activity

Following this LinkedIn Learning Video (And a book) - Welcome! Had to adjust the Memory, even though the recommended is 12GB, I could only manage about … 3. We’ll see what happens. Consider Server Tools if you attach another computer in the same domain name (For Win. 10) We set up, check some things - IP addresses, how the adapter works. Be mindful of your timezones. This was set to Pacific Time, when I’m in Central. We don’t want our Server to get an IP Address from DNS - It’s a resource, not a client. The author’s IP information is different from mine, they’ve received theirs from somewhere else, I simply ran ipconfig in the Command Line. (Just in case we should reference, theirs is in the Initial Configuration video). Now, his DNS server (preferred) is in the same subnet as the ip address of his machine.

Learn Docker in 12 Minutes ��

Server 2016: Permissions (Text)

Permissions are not local, but based upon network access. Basic: Read, Read/Write Advance: Full Control, Change, Read NTFS Full Control Modify Read & Execute Read Write Traverse/Execute List/Read Attributes Create Files/Write Data Append Data Write Attributes (Extended) Delete      ↪ Subfolders      ↪ Files Read/Change Permissions. Now; Permissions in Pictures;

AWS Pricing

The Price Is…. Varied. How it works is more important than how it’s priced at this point, so this will be brief(er). E2 and RDS have Reserved Capacity, save up to 75% over the equivalent of on-demand capacity. Instances are;

It's An Ubuntu Server!: But You Can't Visit

We didn’t stop the Ubuntu party! Let’s block domains! I had to check to remind myself that yes, we do have dnsmasq installed.

Kubernetes: A Rolling Deployment...

This is the last module of our beginner’s tutorial! My how time flies. So, what’s the last piece of knowledge? Rolling updates that allow Deployments updates to take place with no downtime. How?